Sanofi arthritis sufferers hub

We were asked by one of the world’s largest pharma companies to create a community hub for arthritis sufferers.

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Project overview

Sanofi are running an educational campaign called Reframe the future. Their aim is to reframe arthritis as a manageable chronic disease, illustrating a future where quality of life is improved. To help reinforce this message Sanofi approached Edelman to create a community hub for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

When completed the hub will provide a platform for arthritis sufferers to share their stories and support each other, as well as gain useful information to help them with strategies such as exercise techniques, guides on treatment options, diet plans and mindfulness.


I was tasked with designing the overall experience of the hub, developing the content strategy and providing a final wireframe deliverable, ready for handover to the visual designer. The process involved:

  • User research
  • Persona creation
  • Content strategy
  • Sketching & wireframing
  • Visual design

User research

Building from initial user demographic research from the marketing team I created a set of personas. The personas outline arthritis sufferer's goals and frustrations and aim to discover how Sanofi can provide a meaningful experience that caters to their specific needs. The personas feature two users with varying levels of arthritis, as well as a secondary persona to help outline how we can help carers of arthritis.

Unlike standard arthritis, rheumatoid is more likely to strike at middle age than old age, so I was careful not to aim the content and design to an elderly audience.

Unfortunately, budget for user research was minimal, so making do with the time available I looked at competitor's sites, and patient stories and forums to help build a picture of the most useful content for the target audience.

User personas

Sketching & wireframes

A key challenge in this project was ensuring the final product was as easy to use and as pain free as possible for arthritis sufferers. With this in mind the layout was carefully planned to minimise scrolling and all navigable sections are outlined to have large clickable areas.

When a final sketch design was complete, I created a fully clickable prototype to send to the client for sign off. The wireframe was fully annotated to explain my design decisions. Unfortunately no budget was available for user testing.

Final visual designs