Creating a new contemporary visual design for a new financial product team.

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Coremetrix approached Edelman to redesign their website, they felt their existing site was a little dated and desired a clean, modern look. The turnaround for this project was very tight, so we had to optimize our time effectively.


We kicked off with a short 'requirements gathering' workshop with the client, outlining the content and features that needed to be implemented.

Once this was completed we began rapidly sketching ideas for the sites different pages, iterating and moving closer to a final design. We then created a wireframe deliverable in Axure for review. After a round of amends, the wireframes were signed off.

Next, we designed a few small component libraries to allow the client to select the 'look and feel' for the site. Once selected we designed a full component library to send for approval. Only when the client approved the final component library did we begin designing the full site. This was a useful way of saving resource and reducing rounds of amends given our short time frame.

Design process

  • Requirements gathering workshop
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Component library creation
  • Web design

Here you can view the final wireframe along with some of the final screens and components below.
Alternatively, you can download the final signed off component library.

Update: the site has now been completed by an external development agency.

edelman make me proud screenshot
Staff page option one
edelman make me proud screenshot
Staff page option two
edelman make me proud screenshot
Testimonial & form components
edelman make me proud screenshot
Blog components
edelman make me proud screenshot