AfDB Homepage redesign

In this mini project, we were asked to create some homepage concepts to start conversations around the AfDB redesign

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Project background

The African Development Bank has been one of Liquid Lights key clients for several years. The site was built many years ago, and although there have been subtle design tweaks over the years, in 2018 the site needed a more serious refresh to bring it up to date.

As AfDB is an extremely large company with many stakeholders and decision makers, it can be difficult to understand what the company desires in terms of design.

To help with this, we provided a set of homepage concepts which pushed quite far in different design directions. The aim was to start conversations internally about which direction the new site should go in.

Design 1

The first design puts a focus on the key message, aiming to convey the organisations aims to the user immediately. This is followed by a routing element providing navigation options to the three main sections of the site.


Design 2

The second design prioritises the content of the website first. Articles, events, projects etc are loaded in dynamically, with the option for the user to load more.


Design 3

The final design is a more traditional editorial design. It features clear, distinct sections where users can browse through lots of content on the homepage, putting less emphasis on navigation elements which aim to guide the user to inner pages. This option was chosen to go forward into further design stages and development.